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“‘The Maid’s Sleepless Nights’ is an exciting manhwa currently in progress that always manages to win readers over. The fascinating story secures a continually growing fan following.

Sleepless Nights of a Maid Summary 

This story revolves around Eva Massies, a woman who left her noble family in order to work as a domestic maid for a friend. When her life appears to have reached rock bottom, she meets Crown Prince Edward, who was formerly engaged to her. Edward instantly captures Eva’s heart with his gorgeous appearance, pleasant nature, and loving voice.

Their subsequent encounter, however, takes an unexpected turn, with Edward changing into a cold and arrogant guy. Furthermore, he tells Eva that, with her return to his realm, he has the freedom to behave as he sees proper. On the other hand, Eva can’t help but feel a magnetic pull towards him, her feelings becoming more robust every time their paths cross.

Eva’s new job as a lady-in-waiting involves catering to Edward’s nocturnal needs. At the same time, she is aware of his powerful hold over her. As she serves him, she is struck by the sharp contrast between Edward’s cold attitude and the intrinsic warmth of his touch.

A noticeable tension exists between them, leaving Eva to wonder if Edward will ever admit his true feelings for her. Despite the confusion, Eva clings to the hope that their love story will end happily.

About Royal Family

The emperor’s health is rapidly declining, and his eldest son, Edward, is the leading contender for the imperial crown. However, his succession is far from unavoidable because the reigning empress, Edward’s mother, and the emperor’s second wife maintain tremendous power.

To secure his elevation, Edward must improve his reputation and gain the approval of the powerful high council, which is made up of the empire’s elite nobles.

Despite significant health issues, Edward is steadfast in his desire to succeed to the throne and leave his mark on history. In his search for popularity, he gets involved in a series of brutal fights, emerging as a hero.

His bravery and ability to lead gained the populace’s admiration, strengthening his reputation as a great warrior throughout the empire.

As Edward’s fame and power grow, he becomes an unstoppable figure. Finally, he can obtain the support of the important high council, sealing his destiny as the empire’s coming ruler.

About Baron’s House Arc

Cecil plays a pivotal role in the story, acting as Eva’s friend, maternal comforter, and domestic helper. Cecil acts as Eva’s rock throughout the story, providing her with safety and constant support. She plays an integral part as Eva’s housekeeper, continuously being there for her and caring for her needs.

Eva meets Edward, Sir Ruth, in the novel, on her father’s former estate. Edward is initially drawn to Eva’s soft personality and generosity, but he becomes further obsessed with her when he assists her in protecting Todd, the Baron’s oldest son.

He sympathizes with her plight and wishes to help her, but his influence is severely constrained, with the Empress ruling supreme.

Edward must leave, but only after assuring Eva that he will ensure word gets to him if she needs him. During his absence, however, Todd assaults Cecil and turns his wrath on Eva. Against all odds, Eva emerges victorious from the brawl, subduing Todd.

Eva flees Cecil’s home, now a fugitive, with the Baron in her trail, convinced that Todd is no longer alive. Eva retains her tenacity in the face of adversity, always fighting for justice and righteousness.

About Fugitives

Eva seeks refuge in a trader’s convoy after a nasty clash with Todd forces her to flee Cecil’s mansion. Here, she meets Rex, a wealthy and unrecognized Duke’s son. Meanwhile, Edward’s affection for Eva’s kind and soothing personality grows, prompting him to find her and ensure her safety.

As Edward learns more about Eva’s situation, he becomes determined to demolish the Baron’s family as payback for the pain they’ve caused. Despite the Empress’s current supremacy, Edward remains steadfast in his determination to protect Eva and correct the situation.

Duke of Kensington’s Maid Arch

Eva is chosen to serve as a royal maid to the Empress, a position presented to her by Hayden. As the story unfolds, it’s discovered that Hayden isn’t just any man but a skilled swordsman at the helm of a mercenary group, a worthy match for Prince Edward.

Meanwhile, Prince Edward is engaged in battle, and in his absence, Count Holland arranges for Olivia to marry the Crown Prince to the Empress. This occurs despite Edward suffering severe injuries in combat and refusing to give his approval. Feeling betrayed by this sudden declaration, Eva writes a devastating letter to Edward, swearing they will never meet again.

However, Cecil dies, and Edward, unaware of Eva’s failing health, comes to see her during her sorrow. He cradles her frail figure, asking for her survival.

Even amid the fight, Edward’s thoughts frequently return to Eva, and he longs for her company. When he receives her final letter, he becomes enraged and burns it, bracing himself for the ultimate battle.

Sleepless Nights of Maid

When Edward returns from the battlefield, he goes to the palace to meet Olivia and the Empress before sneaking into Eva’s bedroom. Despite her efforts, Edward pulls her close to the front door and lands a kiss on her lips, representing their shared love. He informs the Empress of his desire to call off his engagement to Olivia and forces Eva to accept the position of his maid.

Olivia, devastated by Edward’s denial, turns to Prince James and tries to prevent Eva from being with Edward. Nonetheless, Edward is determined to keep Eva close to him 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and begins to teach her about affection and physical contact. Despite their challenges, Eva realizes she is still in love with Edward, and they decide to continue their relationship.

Edward and Eva face multiple challenges on their chosen path, from Olivia and her family’s hostility to societal conventions dictating their positions. Despite these difficulties, Edward is eager to have Eva as his maid, showing his love in depth.

Throughout their journey together, Edward serves as a mentor, teaching Eva about the complexities of physical pleasure. The path is with bumps, as Edward must stay awake for extended periods to guide Eva, causing her to sleep poorly.

Despite these difficulties, Eva and Edward’s relationship increases, and their love for one another grows. They struggle with societal expectations as they continue to go forward, hoping to find a way to stay together despite their obstacles.


What is the plot of “Sleepless Nights Of A Maid”?

The plot revolves around Eva Massies, who left her noble family to work as a domestic maid. She meets Crown Prince Edward, who was formerly engaged to her. Edward's behavior towards Eva changes, and she finds herself serving him as a lady-in-waiting and trying to understand her feelings toward him amidst the tension between them.

Can you tell me more about Crown Prince Edward’s character and journey in this story?

Despite his significant health issues, Crown Prince Edward is determined to succeed to the throne. His reputation improves after he demonstrates bravery and leadership skills in various brutal fights, eventually gaining the approval of the high council. Despite facing powerful adversaries, Edward's affection for Eva grows, and he becomes determined to protect her.

Who is Cecil, and what role does she play in the story?

Cecil is a pivotal character who provides Eva safety and constant support. She plays a vital role as Eva's housekeeper and is present throughout Eva's journey, always ready to cater to her needs.

How does the relationship between Eva and Edward develop in “Sleepless Nights of Maid”?

upon his return, Edward declares his intention to cancel his engagement to Olivia and wants Eva as his maid. Despite challenges from Olivia and societal conventions, Edward and Eva decide to continue their relationship, with Edward teaching Eva about affection and physical pleasure.

What are the main themes in “Sleepless Nights Of A Maid”?

The main themes of this manhwa are love, power, societal expectations, duty, and perseverance. The story explores these themes through the relationship between Eva and Edward, the political dynamics in the royal court, and the personal growth of each character.

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