Dasha Taran Body Measurement and Net Worth]

Dasha Taran is a cute model who has been making waves in the modelling industry since her arrival. Being a fashionista, it was inevitable that she would become a social media star. 


Her most distinguishing characteristic is her clear glass-like skin and red lips, which look fantastic on her. She is a Russian model and social media star who captivates her followers through her stunning photographs. 

It is not uncommon for her to share some makeup tips, skincare routines, travel destinations, and more. In addition to modeling, little is known about her.


There is no doubt that this adorable model was born in Russia. She is the daughter of Garik Taran, whose mother is not frequently seen among the general public, as is the case with other family members. Therefore, her name and location are still unknown to the media.


The hottie has a brother named Stefan Tarran, who is active on Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube. This model is very jealous of him because he is a bit taller than Dasha.

Taran appears to be a social media star as he has more than 60k followers on Instagram.

Dasha Taran Body Measurement

It is estimated that Dasha Taran stands at five feet seven inches as a model. There is no doubt that she has healthily maintained her body. According to sources, the Taran body weighs about 59 kg. With a body measurement of 32–26–28 inches.

Furthermore, there is no information regarding Dasha Taran vital statistics. Her mesmerizing hazel eyes and long, luscious brown hair put the cherry on top. In addition, Dasha prefers to wear shoes in size 6.5.


So far, we have not seen any ink or tattoos on her body. She may have one when she reaches adulthood.

Dasha Taran Net Worth

There is no doubt that Dasha Taran, an elegant model, earns a great deal of money from her career. In 2020, Taran was expected to have a net worth of $1 million due to her hard work and determination. 

Even though she is just 20 years old, she makes millions of dollars every year. We wonder what will happen to this beauty when she reaches the age of thirty.


Dasha Taran has become a star due to her YouTube channel, which has garnered many subscribers. Additionally, her Instagram posts contribute to the growth of her bank account.


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