What Is The Best Diet For Healthy Living?

Yes, some people have very unhealthy eating regimens, but most of us stick to eating healthy. To lose weight and improve health, you can go on a diet, but which types of food and fruits become more critical to understand whether the diet goes on well or not.

However, there are more things and information about nutrition. And most of the time, people are overwhelming; but I do my best to express the best dieting tips to help you more on this topic. Here’s I will tell you some healthy eating habits to stay fit and strong.

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(Eaten at 6:30 AM on weekdays and 8–9:00 AM on weekends.)

Your favorite food of all time has to be oatmeal, and you have it for breakfast at least once a week. Though, there are episodes when all you eat for breakfast is porridge for weeks on end. You usually have to cook a sachet of instant/quick-cook oats with almond milk. And top it off fruits and berries, as well as cinnamon. You can also pop a scoop of vegan protein powder in there to give you an energy boost!

You can top it off some days with one of these small pre-packaged dried fruit and nut mixes with cacao nibs or other little surprise treats. Usually, that only happens when fresh fruit is out of season and you haven’t stocked up on frozen produce.

Other breakfasts include cereal like Weetabix, bran flakes and sultana bran, Fruit n’ Fibre. And mostly anything cinnamon and earthy tasting, with occasional cravings for strawberry and banana-flavored things when the weather gets less summery. Moreover, you can take it with almond milk.

However, overnight chia seed puddings are another staple, soaked in almond milk and topped with fresh fruit.

You will like toaster waffles, preferably the variety made with whole/multi-grains or fruit. And you can top it with microwaved or stewed berries, cinnamon, and maple or agave syrup.

When your daily schedule is less tense, make pancakes (or pancake cereal), pretty smoothie, or yogurt bowls. These are Russian cottage cheese pancakes that can make using tofu!

On the other hand, when you are in a real hurry, just grab a couple of cinnamon raisin toast slices. And for a quick breccia, you can just pop it in the toaster.


(Eaten between 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM)

Salads, pasta, curries, nourish bowls, soups, and stews are included in your lunch. And so on; that’s what you stuff yourself with by the time lunch rolls around!

Sometimes, when you feel down. Then you’ll make breakfast for lunch (or dinner). In this regard, you might make yourself some hefty Bircher muesli, tofu scramble, etc., to cheer you up.

Moreover, you can stop by a local acai bar to get a (deliciously) overpriced acai bowl!


(Eaten between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM)

Dinner is mostly the same as lunch; only prefer to eat lighter meals in the evening. Therefore, it’s usually a green risotto, pasta, salad, and pasta salad.

A guilty pleasure of you is ordering delivery after a long week of work and studying! While you are not the biggest fan of takeout. You will enjoy sushi, Thai, Korean, and a few other cuisines.

If it’s been a hectic week and you might ‘treat’ yourself with a frozen meal. But you are not very keen on these meals if you are completely honest.


(Eaten any time of the day, though not daily)

You should not be a very snaky person. Therefore, it’s not unusual for you to only eat three whole meals a day. However, when you do snack, it’s mostly fruit and nut mixes, fresh fruit or veggies with or without dip.

In terms of exercise, you have to routine walk to class every day, and stretch and do some light yoga throughout the week. Nothing excessive. You have to lift weights, though, as the upper part of your body is very thin. And you have always had a speedy metabolism and an unstable thyroid. At the same time, you don’t know your body fat percentage and all that jazz.

If anyone wants to drop some advice below on improving this diet, feel free to do so!

I hope this gave you some insight into what a healthy person with a healthy relationship with food eats in a day!

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