How much does a Cake Pop Cost at Starbucks? A Complete Guide

There is nothing better than a cake pop at Starbucks among the delicious treats. What is the cost of a cake pop at Starbucks?

Every time I visit Starbucks, I have to purchase at least one or two cake pops in order to satisfy my sweet tooth. In essence, they are small pieces of cake dipped in icing that you eat in two bites.

If you were to inquire about the cost of such a size, you would want to know how much it costs. The price of a cake pop at Starbucks ranges from $1.95 to $3.50; if you are anything like me, you probably have thought about how expensive cake pops are.

How much does a Cake Pop Cost at Starbucks? A Complete Guide

Despite the high price, people continue to purchase this delicious treat. There can be no denying that children will want to have a bite at the cake pops, especially since they look so appealing.

Since they are available in a variety of flavors, you will not be able to miss one that you will enjoy. In this article, I will discuss why Starbucks cake pops are so expensive as well as other relevant information.

How Much Do Starbucks Cake Pops Cost Per Dozen?

Starbucks cake pops cost between $30 and $40 per dozen. Price ranges are determined by the flavor of the cake. Your first thought may be that it is expensive, isn’t it? Here is a tutorial on how you can make them at home.

Basically, cake pops are small mini cakes that are placed on sticks in the shape of balls. In order to make 25 pieces, the ingredients will cost you approximately $15.

There are various flavors of Starbucks cake pops, including chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, confetti, and brownie. Moreover, they have a variety of shapes, including unicorns, cats, and polar bears.

The cost of the cake pop will be determined by the type of cake used. There are several reasons why people continue to return for more cake pops, one of which is the design of the cake pops.

Why are Starbucks Cake Pops So Expensive?

Considering that cake pops are small in size, you would expect that they should cost less than what they do. However, these small cakes on sticks may be expensive, particularly if you are always hungry. The reason for the high price of Starbucks cake pops can be explained here.

Labor costs

In spite of their small size, cake pops require a great deal of preparation, especially when they are made in bulk. Upon cutting out the cake, the remainder of the process is completed up until the decoration is completed requires good skills. Due to the fact that cake pops are made with a great deal of labor, the price is high to compensate for the labor used by the bakers.

Design and marketing

There are a variety of designs and shapes available for cake pops. A few shapes require a higher level of skill, and their prices are higher than those of regular shapes.

For this reason, Starbucks can price cake pops extremely high and get away with it because they have the best snacks, food, and drinks throughout the world.


How much does a Cake Pop Cost at Starbucks? A Complete Guide

There is no denying the fact that Starbucks cake pops are delicious. There is no doubt that children enjoy these treats due to their taste and attractive appearance.

In the event that you have consumed coffee, a bite of chocolate cake pop would be beneficial. There is no reason why a product should not be priced well when it offers a quality taste.

What is Starbucks cake pop?

If you have ever visited a Starbucks, there is one item that always makes your day: the iconic white cup. Designed in 1982, this simple yet stylish drinking vessel is still very much in style today with the introduction of the new Reusable Plastic Cup ($1).

However, you may recall how quickly these cups can fill up. Therefore, they have also introduced this convenient disposal option. It is unlikely that any of the participants will be able to attend the event since all orders are shipped off after purchase.

Are Starbucks cake pops unhealthy?

Although cake pops aren’t the healthiest option, they are tasty and are a great afternoon snack if you have a sugar craving. Cake Pops weigh between 150 and 180 calories per piece with seven to nine grams of fat and twelve grams of carbohydrates (range).

How much does a Cake Pop Cost at Starbucks? A Complete Guide

According to the Starbucks website, these treats contain 24 to 36 carbohydrates depending on size; however, the nutrition facts label states only 23g, which may cause some individuals to think twice before indulging further.


How much does a Starbucks cake pop cost? We have examined the prices of cake pops from Starbucks and some of the other coffee chains. As well as looking at what you can get for the same price or less at each chain, we examined what you can get for less. In your experience, where do you find the best cake pops at your favorite coffee shop? Comment below and let us know what you think!

Frequently Asked Question

How much does a chocolate cake pop cost at Starbucks?

The cost of a Starbucks chocolate cake pop is $1.95.

How much does a unicorn cake pop cost at Starbucks?

In Starbucks, unicorn cake pops cost between $1.95 and $3.50.

How much does a strawberry cake pop cost at Starbucks?

At Starbucks, strawberry cake pops are available for $1.95.

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