Live PD Season 4 Episode 29: Release Date, Platforms to Watch and Synopsis

Live PD Season 4 is a crime reality show and its 28 episodes have aired, and now the 29 episode is on the way. Let’s talk about all the details of the upcoming episode.

The previous episode name was ‘01.03.20’ and the upcoming episode title is “01.04.20.” This episode will air on 4th January 2020. It will release at 9 pm according to US time.

The duration of the episode is 180 minutes. Dan Abrams, Jr, Sergeant Sean, Ashleigh Banfield and Tom Morris are the show presenters.

Where to Watch Live PD Season 4 Episode 29

It is a crime series that you can watch online on A&E Network’s official website. Besides, you can use a mobile app where the episode will be released online.

There are some unofficial platforms also where the episode stream. However, we recommend you official platforms because of the creator’s support.

What’s coming in today’s episode?

The episode will focus the light on the hot button issue of policing in America. They are trying to show a transparent look at law enforcement on duty.

Moreover, the show is all about the mix of urban and rural police forces on Friday and Saturday nights. In the night shifts of police forces, they select encounters to broadcast live for the public.

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