How Can Middle Aged Men Burn Belly Fat? Get The Guide Here!

Quite easily. It’s about the type of food you eat and has a lot less to do with age than you can lead to believe. If you are above 40 and find losing weight easier now, you will see, it is all about low-fat and ate fewer calories than you consume.

I will know from your medical training that it’s nothing to do with ‘calories,’ but it is all about the type of food to eat. Sadly some on here are stuck in the 1980s and making weight loss harder than it is because they are basing their advice on the wrong science.

Because of the terrible and outdated advice dished out, you’re finding things hard! There are so many maths, calories in 5 calories out. And super hard workout’s advice is that a straightforward process has become saturated with unproven information.

Most of it makes no sense or, in the case of calorie reduction ‘seems right’’ but it doesn’t work! So to get rid of fat, it’s all down to understanding one thing.

How the Body Burns or Store Fats

The two hormones control this process in your body (insulin and glucagon) that work like scales. Too much insulin and you’ll store fat, no insulin, and glucagon can do its job and burn fat.

The proof that hormones control fat storing and burning is common knowledge in the medical world and is not controversial. Yes! Some hormones control hunger and feeling full, but in the end, it’s all about being a fat burner or sugar burner.

Moreover, a proper diet and workout is essential matter to lose fat. Here it would be best if you got the following intakes to lose weight.

Use of Eggs

Implement eggs in your diet. One large egg contains 78 calories and contains a multitude of nutrients. It’s also able to keep you full for a lot longer. You could have eggs daily, and spread them through the day for your meal alternatives, coupled with fresh veggies, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is known to increase calorie burn throughout the day. Us it in your salads daily.

Intake Low-Calorie Protein Sources

Include low-calorie protein sources, such as white fish, chicken breast & game meats. These are all very low calorie-sources of protein. When married up with cruciferous vegetables, you have a low calorie, filling, and dense meal that will keep your energy high, and food cravings low.

Limit the Intake of Carb

Decrease your carb intake towards a lower rate, but not small enough to lose strength and stamina. The key here is to alternate days when you will be re-feeding with carbohydrates. These carbs should only be sweet potato and oat-based ones.

Rice and crackers do not have the nutritional bang for the buck we need in our dieting phase. It’s essential to fill our diet with the carbs containing the most fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Empty based calories are something we don’t want to focus on right now.

HIIT or Supersets

HIIT or supersets with weights. By far, these are the best methods of exercise when putting together a low-calorie food plan. They both work in conjunction to give you the best calorie burn while assisting you in creating muscular definition.

What is even better is to work on a program like this for 2–3 weeks, then swapping to a strength-based program, creating a food surplus with higher calorie meats, veggies, and carbs.

Moreover, the above mentioned are just a few of the many ideas to lose weight the healthier way, without leaving you moody, with cravings and hungry! You want to go about your day, usually, being in top performance all round.

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